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StillPeaks GCxGC is a digitized model of your comprehensive two-Dimensional Gas Chromatograph (GCxGC) and constructs 2D chromatograms based on separation science. StillPeaks GCxGC software accurately calculates peaks, peak patterns and 2 dimensional blob-patterns from one isothermal Kovats database. 

The Temperature Programmed GC #1-times and isothermal #2-times are calculated from your 2D GC method configuration input. 

Developing a GCxGC method is easier then ever with StillPeaks GCxGC software. Now Method Developers can easily, quickly and accurately develop and translate methods. So do your R&D on your PC and apply the relevant methods on your 2D-GC…

GCxGC schemeGCxGC software

This software is primarily intended for Method Development to fast, easy and accurately run experiments and optimize methods.

StillPeaks GC×GC software is based on Separation science, flow and pneumatics:

  • Pneumatics from Hagen Poiseuille & Halasz, 
  • 2D Peak widths by Golay (the inventor of capillary GC), 
  • Giddings TPGC zone move for the 1st dimension,
  • Isothermal GC for the 2nd dimension,
  • TPGC retention times 1t and 2t from isothermal Kovats index database of Virtual GC.

Why GCxGC software

StillPeaks GCxGC software identifies peaks based on constant Kovats Isothermal Data.


StillPeaks GCxGC Orthogonality

Column Wear Off
In day to day use the columns wear off which results in less retention. With StillPeaks software you can compensate for bleed by adjusting the film thickness. 

Alkane Alignment
Also the alignment of the n-Alkanes or orthogonality is by dragging and dropping the temperature program a piece of cake in our tool (see video on the left).

Wraparound & Undersampling #1
Another benefit of this application is that it works around
 the fundamental dilemma of the dimensions of column set #1 and #2 and the modulation time in physical 2D GC.

The physical 2D GC dilemma is that the second dimension must be really fast to avoid undersampling of #1 peaks and have sufficient #2 runs across the first dimension peaks without wraparound. But separations of the second dimension also need retention time. This dilemma is physically hard to work around, but with software close to perfectly solvable. 

Fast, accurate and a great learning tool

With StillPeaks GCxGC you have a flexible tool to run 2D experiments really fast with spot-on accuracy on your computer. This tool was intended for Method Developers, but is also a great learning tool for running physical experiments in an academic, lab and business environment.

Expanding the scope of GC×GC

Currently the scope of the Kovats Isothermal Data (KID) in StillPeaks GCxGC is 240 hydrocarbons up to C10 on Phenyl-Methyl-Silicone stationary phases (0…75% Phenyl). Within this scope separations and coelutions can be successfully identified.

New Kovats Isothermal Data compilations can extend the scope from current light end refinery samples to new applications like mineral oils, new fuels, fragrances, solvents, herbicides, pesticides, fire retardants, PCB’s, etc.
This is work in progress. Please feel encouraged to send us your input for these extensions.

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More to come

We are working to develop more tools for GC Analysis.
Take a peak 😉

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