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Thank you for your interest in our future GC Peak Identification products.

Currently we’re working hard to meet all requests we get mailed :-). Thank you, Please keep on sending us your questions and feedback. We’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

Next to lecturing and giving presentations on calculating Peak Identification based on GC output data with software we also provide consultancy and of course software tools.

Sneak Peak

We already offer DHA-, Virtual GC-, Virtual GCxGC-, Fast DHAtoD86 software and the n-Alkanes Calculator upto nC100 for HiTemp SimDist. In this paragraph we try to keep you posted on the development of our future GC Peak Identification products. We are working on a software tool to calculate a Test Method for Vapor-Liquid Ratio of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuels (formerly known as ASTM D2533 or V over L, which was withdrawn in 2008) and on a tool to calculate Vapor/Liquid Ratio for Temperature Determination of fuels (ASTM method D5188).

When you’re interested in our product portfolio please feel encouraged to contact us and give us your feedback and/or suggestions for other software to boost your GC analyses.

We look forward to pick up your suggestion and add it to our future GC Peak Identification products.

Other StillPeaks products:

Virtual GC

Simulate & optimize
chromatograms with Virtual GC.
No substitution but added value!


Regular DHA to identify GC Peaks
with tailor made TPGC Kovats indices from Virtual GC!

Virtual GC×GC

Check GC×GC peak patterns, optimize columns #1 & #2.
Work around 1t & 2t issues!


Calculate gasoline ASTM D86 distillation using GC analysis.
Fast, safe & accurate!

Interested? We're happy to provide you more information!

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