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astm-d86-boiling-pointStillPeaks DHAtoD86* is unique software to fast, safe and accurately construct standard ASTM D86 method distillation boiling range from fast Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) by Gas Chromatography.

With StillPeaks DHAtoD86 software it is possible to construct D86 Distillation Curves and Boiling Point from the peak integrator data of alkylate, isomerate, reformate, FCC’s, naphtha’s, summer & winter gasoline samples.

Now you can save a lot of time and significantly increase your ASTM D86 throughput.

* StillPeaks DHAtoD86 software is currently exclusively available in:
Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Australia & Canada. 

StillPeaks fast DHAtoD86 software explained

The application consists of 3 modules: StillPeaks DHA-, Virtual GC- and D86-module.

Calculate ASTM D86 with DHAtoD86 software

– StillPeaks DHA; The Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis module reads the GC integration file from defined Chromatographic Data Systems (minimally Area% & Times). Peaks are identified by shortlist of peaks bigger then 2%, pattern recognition and a dynamic Kovats index database generated by Virtual GC. When sufficient peaks are identified, the D86 calculation can be performed. From the DHA module the settings in Virtual GC can be adjusted to optimize the peak-identification and create the best possible input for the D86 module. 

– Virtual GC; This module calculates the n-Paraffin times and generates a list of Temperature Programmed GC (TPGC) Kovats indices for TPGC peak identification. Virtual GC is a computed model of a Dimethylsilicone coated capillary gas chromatographic column using GC-configuration input settings (temperature program, gas velocity, column dimensions and carrier gastype) and a specified Kovats Isothermal index Database (KID). The configuration settings in Virtual GC should match the actual GC configuration for optimal input for D86 application and the D86 boiling points curve and report.

– StillPeaks D86 module; The Fugacity-Film model uses the DHA output of the sample to calculate its ASTM standard D86 distillation curve. The constructed D86 report is shown on screen and saved into the sample folder. To compare the constructed report with physical ASTM D86 reference data, you can enter the reference data and get the offsets reported as well. The settings can be managed per sample type (Alkylates, Isomerates, Reformates, FCC’s, Naphtha’s, Summer & Winter gasoline).

Why software for constructing ASTM D86 Boiling Points

This DHAtoD86 software is intended to fast, safe and accurately run bulk D86 analyses on light end hydrocarbon samples (more specifically: alkylate, isomerate, reformate, FCC’s, naphtha’s, summer & winter gasoline sample types).

Constructing standard ASTM D86 method results for gasolines and blendfeeds with software is a very efficient additional tool for bulk analyses. With your GC integration report and this StillPeaks DHAtoD86 software you can easily, accurately and safely increase your throughput 4 to 5 times.

Watch our DHAtoD86 introduction video:

StillPeaks DHAtoD86 is exclusively available in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Australia & Canada.

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