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StillPeaks Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis software (DHA) is a desktop/laptop application that allows you to browse through your gasoline and blend feed samples to identify peaks per integration file.

The ‘magic’ of the StillPeaks DHA software is in the StillPeaks Virtual GC.


Unique 3-step Peak Identification process

StillPeaks DHA, in combination with Virtual GC, identifies peaks via an unique 3-step method:

  1. All big peaks of >2% area are identified by shortlist
  2. Peak pattern recognition
  3. Remaining symmetrical peaks are identified by TPGC Kovats index

Peak identification

Temperature Programmed Gas Chromatography (TPGC) is the method of choice for liquids analysis.

StillPeaks DHA identifies the peaks in a chromatogram by Kovats index, which is retention time interpolated between n-Alkanes. The TPGC Kovats data is calculated from isothermal Kovats data and your GC method input. 








StillPeaks Virtual GC is the added value for DHA software. It can run without measured n-Paraffins. It calculates the TPGC Kovats data in stead of the common practice to obtain TPGC Kovats data from manual peak identification in measured chromatograms.

Another benefit is that it provides a coelution-alert for Toluene and 2,3,3-TrimethylPentane, which tackles the problem of not identifying these coeluting compounds.


Why StillPeaks DHA

The calculation of TPGC Kovats database will improve your peak identification. The coelution-alert will give you important coelution awareness. And with your GC method input you can skip a lot of manual work after replacing columns which saves you a lot of time. 

Extra argument for using StillPeaks DHA is the recognition of Aromatic and Iso-octane patterns in for example Alkylates, Reformates, Naphta’s, FCC’s and gasoline blends.

So, is this interesting for you?

Try StillPeaks DHA yourself. Download the software and ask for your one time 30 day free of charge trial license.


Ps. We can understand you are very satisfied with your current DHA software and maybe only would like to know how Virtual GC can boost your DHA. Just have your solutions provider contact us and we’ll be happy to make things happen!

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More to come

We are working to develop more tools for GC Analysis.
Take a peak 😉

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