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StillPeaks is a software company specialized in top notch tools for predicting Gas Chromatograph analysis, super accurate Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis and Distillation methods. Please take a look at our products for more details.
But this post is not about that. We are interested in your feedback about software to predict ASTM method D5188; Vapor-Liquid Ratio for Temperature Determination of fuels.

Vapor-Liquid Ratio software

Next to already published Virtual GC, GCxGC, DHA and DHAtoD86 StillPeaks has more software applications on the shelf. One is Vapor-Liquid Ratio software, an application to predict ASTM method D 5188 temperatures based on Gas Chromatographic analysis.

StillPeaks V/L Ratio software predicts the results of your sample for to the ASTM D 5188 method quickly and accurately following complex scientific calculations.

The current D5188 method replaced the outdated ASTM method D2533 called Vapor/Liquid Ratio for Spark-Ignition fuels. This accurate and formerly very commonly used method was mercury (Hg) slurping and therefor banned. Although the ASTM method is banned, StillPeaks Vapor-Liquid Ratio software predicts the results of the this outdated ASTM method D2533 just by calculating the results.

Interested in a digital tool for predicting Vapor/Liquid Temperature for fuels?

We look for your feedback. Are you interested in software for Vapor/Liquid ratio Temperature determination? Would you use a digital tool and what are your expectations for that?

All insights are welcome!