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Windows7 or Windows10
Click below to download Virtual GC for your Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.
When you run another Windows operating system please contact us before downloading.

Free Download requires a valid License Key
The download is free. To operate the software a valid License Key is required.
To buy your License please contact us via Info@StillPeaks.com or via our Contactform.

30 Day Free of Charge Trial License for new business purposes
Is Virtual GC in hydrocarbon mode interesting for your business? Want to have a try first?

Ask us your 30 Day Free of Charge Trial License for business development purposes via Info@StillPeaks.com or Contactform.
Just send us the shown Registration ID (shown when you start the Virtual GC application) and we’ll send you a valid License Key asap. Please acknowledge 48 hours to process your request.

Virtual GC hydrocarbons for Win7 or Win10

  • Download, Extract and Install your Virtual GC version
  • To operate it requires a valid License Key
  • When starting the software a Registration Window is shown
  • Send us the Registration ID shown in the Registration window and we’ll send you a 30 Day Free of Charge Trial License Key
    •    Please acknowledge 48 hours to process your request
    •    Buy your annual license to run the application in your operation via Info@StillPeaks.com
This Version is Under Construction and temporarily unavailable

Please feel invited to contact us at Info@StillPeaks.com when you experience any issues.