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Welcome to StillPeaks Open D86 Download page

StillPeaks adds value to Gas Chromatographic analyses!
This StillPeaks Open D86 software predicts and constructs standard ASTM D86 results for gasolines and blendfeeds from your DHA.
Contact us if you want your DHA to connect as well.


Windows7 or Windows10
Click below to download StillPeaks D86 software for your Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.

Free Download requires a valid License Key
The download is free. To operate the software a valid License Key is required.
We currently provide valid License Keys exclusively to organisations in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia & Latin America.

30 Day Free of Charge Trial License
Ask us your 30 Day Free of Charge Trial License via or via our Contactform. Just send us the shown Registration ID (shown when you start the application) and we’ll send you a valid License Key asap. Please acknowledge 48 hours to process your request.

Gas Chromatography brands
Currently StillPeaks stand-alone D86 application runs on StillPeaks DHA, PetroReporter, Dragon DHA and we’re working on more.  Please let us know what interface you like us to prioritize. We invite you to contact us and join in.

StillPeaks Open D86 software

  • Download, Extract and Install your D86 version
  • To operate it requires a valid License Key
  • When starting the software a License Window is shown
  • Send us the shown Registration ID and we’ll send you a 30 Day Free of Charge Trial License Key (Please acknowledge 48 hours to process your request)
Download your StillPeaks D86 software

For your convenience we have a Quick Installation Manual (pdf),  a Quick License Manual (pdf) and a Quick Start Guide (pdf).

Please contact us at when you experience any issues.