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StillPeaks GC Software Solutions

for Gas Chromatography separations, physical properties and more…

GC peaks into properties and distillation

Physical property calculation from Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis of
Naphtha, Alkylate, Isomerate, Reformate, FCC and Gasoline.


Virtual GC

Gas Chromatography simulation and optimization software.
Originally developed to improve DHA software in identifying peaks & coelutions,
it proved to be a great Training & Method Development tool as well.



Software for GC×GC peak identification and method development  


Can we help you? Spreading Digital and Chemical Intelligence in the World of Gas Chromatography is our motto, sharing knowledge is our drive and our Gas Chromatography software products and consultancy are just means to an end.

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StillPeaks Gas Chromatography Software Solutions

Open DHA

Identify Hydrocarbon Peaks with
Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis using
Pattern recognition & Kovats index


ASTM D 86 Distillation curve from
your GC integration report of
Gasolines & Blendfeeds

Open D86

Post run version of
StillPeaks D86 application
on your DHA

Virtual HiTemp SimDist

Methane to nC100 n-Alkane Calculator
for (HiTemp) SimDist
Boiling Point Calibration

Virtual GC

Simulate & optimize
chromatograms with Virtual GC.
No substitution but added value!

Virtual GC×GC

Optimize Silicone Coated Capillary Columns!
Orthogonality, Undersampling & Wraparound

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